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This Site is Presently Hosting Pages for the
'Spirit of Truth and Love Prayer Group Community'.

They are scheduling a Life in the Spirit Seminar that runs from Thursday May 25 evening, Friday May 26 evening, to all day Saturday May 27, 2023 at Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs Parish in Delhi, ON. Please click HERE to jump directly to the Life in the Spirit Seminar site to learn more and hopefully you will be interested in signing up.

Want to know more immediately?: Download a Poster and a Brochure. Show them to your Family and Friends.


Who We Are

We are retired - living a simple life, loving God and our family. We join our neighbours in community activities, such as the Spirit of Truth and Love Prayer Group and the Cursillo movement. We  try to promote Christian family life in society. We consider life to be a gift, to give praise, honour and glory to God.

  Therefore, we support organizations that uphold life and the traditional family of our Christian heritage.

Locally, Simcoe and District Voice for Life, provides support and referral for crisis pregnancy. Counselling, shelter, legal/financial help, adoption and post abortion available. Videos, tapes, DVDs, books, pamphlets and presentations are provided to schools and groups.


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